Welcome to Nissin Transport Indonesia

We work jointly with you as team by offering high quality logistics service and by minimizing your cost based on our professional skill to make a plan, arrange the operation, and analylize the information we collect .

Nissin Transport Indonesia history

Nissin corporation was founded in 1938 as a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama, Japan's main gateaway to the World. It has since expanded to cater to the logistics needs of the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba. As japan developed into a world economic power and its transportation needs became more advanced and complex, Nissin faced the rising need to improve both its systems and facilities. In 1968 it began offering comprehensive global logistics services, an entirely new category of service, and it now operates in Japan and 23 other countries.

In August 13th, 2004 Nissin Transport Indonesia Established as local subsidiary in Indonesia, to accomodate all customeer needs of logistics service in indonesia both domestics and international, We handle and deliver customer goods in professional touch.